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Who am I?

I’m Lianne. I like long country walks, Yorkshire puddings, and small weird festivals. After galavanting around the world and living in many different corners of the globe I'm currently back in beautiful North Yorkshire.


I am passionate about educating the future workforce for industry 4.0 and I work at Teesside University International Business School as a Lecturer in Enterprise and Innovation. I am also Co-lead for the Tees Valley branch of the Circular Economy Club. 

Who am I?

What am I about?

When I was studying Fashion Marketing at university, I began to take a vested interest in the ethics and sustainability surrounding our fashion industry and its global supply chains.


I had unconsciously shunned the high street some 15 years ago when I began to practice slow fashion—a decision I made after becoming aware of my impulse purchases and mindless consumerism.

In 2016 I started an ethical clothing brand but quickly realised that the fashion industry would need a much bigger change than a bit of organic cotton to make it a sustainable industry and since then I have been an advocate of the economic and environmental benefit of the circular economy. 

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 Buy less shit, eat more plants and celebrate your wears.

I published my first book in 2020. It's a coffee table book designed to be the starting point on someone's sustainability journey. After working in the industry for several years, I felt a lot of the information out there was overwhelming. 

So I wanted to write about...."some of the ways I do things. I'm not exactly zero waste, but I am zero guilt. Read about the adventures that shaped my habits and formed my opinions from growing up by the seaside to attending my first (almost) plastic-free festival, and finding my favourite dress in a bin.

Being eco-friendly isn't about being perfect. It's about making small changes to your lifestyle - changes so small you'll barely even notice.

But if we all adopt these changes.....

....well, we might just be onto something."

What am I about?

I write, I think, I innovate. I’m a published author, an educator, an entrepreneur, a doctoral student, and a circular economy pioneer. I'm an advocate for regenerative growth with a passion for identifying the variety of economic and environmental benefits of the circular economy for business in the 21st century. 

What do I do?

What do I do?

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