Who am I?

I’m Lianne. I like long country walks, Yorkshire puddings, and banging techno.

I was born in Blackpool, grew up on the edge of North Yorkshire, and spent a number of years in Leeds and London before moving to Asia and spending 4 years based in Taiwan. 

In 2020 I published my first book ‘How on earth can I be eco-friendly?’ it's available now from whichever establishment you purchase your books.


What am I about?

It was when I was studying Fashion Marketing at university that I began to take a vested interest in the ethics and sustainability surrounding our fashion industry and their global supply chains.


I had unconsciously shunned the high street some 15 years ago when I began to practice slow fashion.  A decision I had made after becoming aware of my impulse purchases and mindless consumerism.

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 Buy less shit, eat more plants and celebrate your wears.


I write, I think, I innovate. I’m a published author, an entrepreneur, a human rights activist, a circular economy pioneer, and an advocate for regenerative growth with a passion for solving the environmental crisis facing the fashion industry.

What do I do?


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